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  • Dec 16, 2016 · Then you’ll be notified after the reset and your device will take a restart. You can start to follow the guide to reset your iPhone without Apple ID. You should have been told that hard reset will wipe all data and settings of your iPad. I bet you don’t want to lose those might be precious files like photos, contacts, messages and more.
Before I take it to get it fixed I want to restore the iPhone to factory settings because I'm logged in on my apps, and I don't want the person fixing the phone to get access to I tried to turn it on again but the screen is not responding. How can I reset my iPhone from computer if the screen doesn't work?

They guesses right my stupid 6 letters passcode and got into the iPhone offline, otherwise it would be erased 2-They removed Touch ID or added a new finger 3-They got all my passwords from keychain, including apple id 4-They reseted my iPhone on DFU mode and after the reset, it asked for the last apple id used to remove “Find My iPhone” 5 ...

If the solution 1 doesn't work, you can restore your phone back to the factory settings: Step 1. Power off your device and remove your memory card, hold the volume down key and the power / lock button simultaneously for a few seconds. Then enter the recovery mode. Step 2. Scroll to "wipe data/factory reset" by using the volume keys.
  • Some highlights from the linked "solution": "Now upon every reboot, you need to connect iPhone to the computer and select 'tethered boot iOS 7.1', as it is not an untethered jailbreak'." Update 1: Bypass iCloud activation lock tool works on iOS 7.1.2 and iOS 7, but if your phone is reported as stolen you won't be able to make calls.
  • After checking the IMEI number you will receive the following information from iPhone servers. The data will include: check fake or original network and country from which iPhone comes from purchase date of iPhone device system version for iPhone device warranty information for iPhone device color and capacity Not always all information are available, if you provide the IMEI number, you will rec
  • Jul 16, 2020 · In this way, the phone cannot be used even if a factory reset is performed in it. The credentials of the Google account that was previously associated with the phone should be entered in order to access the phone again. This means, if your phone is stolen, it cannot be used unless Google’s verification is bypassed of your Google account.

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    iPhone devices are super secured from theft or just unusable when it gets lost due to this find my iPhone’s activation. But the truth is most times lost or stolen isn't the case. Rather, it is passed on to a friend, family or sold out as fairly used without the initial user unlocking and removing their setup iCloud Activation Lock account ...

    There comes a time when you need to know how to reset an iPhone to its factory settings. Maybe you're planning on selling your iPhone or trading it in The process of resetting your iPhone is fairly simple if you know where to look. And you can start the reset the process either from the phone itself...

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    A factory reset returns your iPhone to the condition it was in when it originally left the In this guide, we show you how to perform a factory reset on all iPhone models with iOS 12 and later, as well as how to Activation Lock has reduced iPhone thefts since it makes a stolen iPhone harder to use.

    How to transfer sms messages from my old iPhone 5 to my new iPhone 6 plus in iTunes? I'm sure the answer to this is embarrassingly simple but it's had me baffled after numerous attempts at synching the devices in my mac mini.

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    Sep 21, 2020 · Step 2: When you open iCloud – Find My iPhone, click All Devices. Step 3: Then choose the name and model that you need to bypass to Erase iPhone or Erase iPad > Remove from Account. When the steps completed, the iPhone/iPad will be deleted from the Apple ID and the activation lock should be bypassed. Method 3.

    Aug 08, 2019 · Hard reset requires pressing buttons in a certain situation and procedure while soft reset is done through the device settings. Note: Before attempting to factory reset your device, ensure that you back up the data of your device first. So that you can keep your important files and restore them after the reset.

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    Oct 12, 2019 · Part 2. The ways to hard reset iPhone 6S with the help of iTunes. This method will take you a long time to solve the problem, so it is only used in the situation that all of the functions fail to work and other methods are fail to hard reset iPhone 6S.

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    There are many ways to reset an iPhone without Apple ID, here I'll share some easy ways with you. If you are looking for how to reset an iPhone without Apple ID using iTunes then this method will help you. All you need to have is the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer and a working data...

    Mar 29, 2019 · If your iPhone is locked and you don’t know its passcode, you can reset your device to erase all its contents and restore your personal data if you previously created a backup. There are three ways to reset a locked iPhone: restoring using iTunes, resetting using the Find My iPhone feature, or restoring using recovery mode.

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    Dec 27, 2016 · So, now you’ve learned how you can easily reset your Snapchat password if you’ve forgotten it. You can have it reset via email or your mobile phone. You’ll just need to go through a few verification steps first. This ensures that you are whom you say you are and makes sure your Snapchat account stays secure and only you have access to it.

    How to reboot iPhone 8 or earlier, including iPod touch. Press and hold the Top (or Side) button on your mobile device until the power off slider appears. How to reset iPad models with Home button, iPhone 6s or earlier, and iPod touch (6th generation) or earlier.

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    Backing up your data is a good habit to keep your data safe because the data loss sometimes is unpredictable. If your device was broken or damaged, try iTunes backup extractor program to recover data from iTunes backup without device.

    Restore your iCloud backup wholesale to your phone, overwriting everything on it -- and see if the data you need is there. We tend not to recommend doing this, as it's not feasible for many users who have had a device lost or stolen.

Nov 08, 2017 · Advertisements iPhone is well known for its high-security protection. Unlike other mobile operating systems like Android or windows, it is almost impossible to bypass into the device. The iPhone system is well designed to stay against any brute force attacks done against it. The high security offered by the iPhone
Jan 02, 2019 · And not having Apple Care or a budget to fix a broken iPhone — or worse, replace a lost or stolen one — makes the situation worse. Apple’s latest iPhone, the SE costs just $399, but the ...
Resetting an iPhone X involves a number of different things: a basic soft reset, hard reset, factory reset and more. Understandings of these terms vary from person to person. In this post, you will know what are the differences and how to hard reset iPhone X in various situations.
If you are unsure about the locked network of your iPhone X, please use our iPhone Network Check Service. If you suspect that your iPhone X is blocked / blacklisted (the phone has been reported as lost or stolen). please use our IMEI Blacklist Check Service to potentially avoid a lot of headaches further down the line.